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The official recap of the GIPLC/DSF Orphans Football Tournament

Welcome to the official recap of the GIPLC/DSF Orphans Football Tournament, an inspiring event dedicated to giving orphan children a chance to showcase their football skills and gifts. This exciting journey began on April 7th, 2024, with eight orphanage homes competing in 5-a-side matches over the course of eight weekends. The tournament culminated in a thrilling final on May 18th at the Mediterranean Sports Center in Asokoro.

The tournament kicked off with vibrant energy as each weekend saw these young athletes demonstrating their passion, skill, and teamwork. The final day started with a spirited 3rd place match between Talitha Kumi Orphanage Home and Nana Berry Orphanage Home. In a decisive game, Nana Berry Orphanage Home emerged victorious with a score of 7-1.

The grand finale featured Abounding Grace Orphanage Home taking on Home of Refuge Orphanage Home. The match was a testament to the children’s hard work and determination, with Home of Refuge Orphanage Home claiming the championship title with a 5-2 victory.

Trophies and medals were awarded to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners, celebrating their remarkable achievements. Friends of GIPLC also joined the event, providing snacks to the children and adding to the festive atmosphere.

This tournament was more than just a series of football matches; it was a celebration of resilience, talent, and community. We are incredibly proud of all the participants and grateful to everyone who supported this initiative.

Stay connected with us for more stories and highlights from the GIPLC/DSF Orphans Football Tournament. Together, we continue to create opportunities and inspire hope for these incredible children.

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